The Helpers' Circle

As Charity Right embarks on a transformative journey to extend our 100% donation policy from Zakat to all donations, we proudly introduce The Helpers' Circle

Infinite Impact

Every donation through The Helpers' Circle perpetually fuels Charity Right's mission ensuring lasting change.

Exclusive Insights

Members receive first-hand updates and insights, deepening the connection to the impact made.

United Vision

Join a community dedicated to creating a future where every child receives the support they deserve.

Become a member of the Helpers' Circle

Join today by making a regular donation into our waqf and help sustain Charity Right's mission

The Roadmap to 100%

Help Charity Right embark on a transformative journey to extend our 100% donation policy from Zakat to all contributions, ensuring no funds are diverted to administrative costs.

Waqf-Powered Future

Your donations to our waqf, managed by Waqfinity, not only helps us achieve our ambitious goal but also secures a recurring reward for you beyond the immediate impact of your donation. 

How it Works

How It Works


Exclusive Benefits of Joining the Helpers' Circle

Insider Reports

Access detailed updates on how your donations make a tangible difference to Charity Right's sustainability.

CEO Webinar

Get invited to exclusive webinars with Charity Right’s CEO, providing insights into our operations, from challenges to triumphs.

Likeminded Community

As our Waqf fund expands, we offer networking opportunities, uniting people who value the impact of thoughtful investment and growth.

Fully Funded By You 
Fully Focused On Impact

Support our journey with a suggested monthly 
donation of £20 to our waqf. Your support is not 
just a donation; it's a lasting legacy.

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