This Ramadan, Save Young Lives Like Sana's from Crippling Hunger

“I now have a daily meal to look forward to thanks to your kind donation.” - Sana

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Give Food to Afghanistan Children this Ramadan

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Give Food to Afghanistan Children this Ramadan

In Afghanistan, more than 10 million children don't have enough food. Almost every child there worries about when they will eat next.

Imagine going to bed hungry every night and not knowing if you'll have breakfast in the morning. This is what life is like for these children. They dream of a day when hunger doesn't stop them from playing, learning, and growing.

Charity Right is here to make a difference with your help. This Ramadan, we can share our good fortune of having meals whenever we want. Together, we can give Afghan children the chance to enjoy school meals every day.

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And donate from what we have provided for you before death comes to one of you, and you cry, ‘My Lord! If only You delayed me for a short while, I would give in charity and be one of the righteous.’
Surah At-Tawbah, Verse 10 

Our Ramadan Spotlight: Sana's Story

Susan dreams of being a doctor to help her country. But without enough food, going to school and learning can be really hard.

Imagine wanting to help others but struggling to find the energy because you're too hungry to focus or even attend school. This is what Susan faces every day. Her dream seems so far away when her stomach is empty.

School meals change everything for Susan. With a full stomach, she can attend school, learn, and keep her dream alive. She believes she can become a doctor and make a difference.
Extend your kindness to children facing uncertainty about their next meal this Ramadan.
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